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Bloxorz is a complimentary puzzle game . The game consists of 33 levels or stages, each of which is more challenging than the one before it.
In the game Bloxorz, you use arrow keys to control the movement of the block. Here is a breakdown of the controls:

  • Up Arrow: Move the block forward.
  • Down Arrow: Move the block backward.
  • Left Arrow: Move the block to the left.
  • Right Arrow: Move the block to the right.

The objective is to navigate the block through each level by strategically moving it toward the square hole at the end. Remember, if the block falls off the edge of the screen, the level will restart.

You can activate bridges and switches by pressing down on the block. The bridges will stay open even without your constant presence at the switch. There are two types of switches: heavy X-shaped switches and gentle round switches. Soft switches are triggered when any part of your block presses on them, while hard switches require your block to be standing on its end.

Each level may have different toggle switches with unique effects when triggered. Some bridges can only be opened once, and orange tiles in the game are more fragile and can break if your block is standing on its end.

Additionally, there is a ()-shaped switch that acts as a last resort. It teleports your block to two distinct locations and splits it into two smaller blocks. These smaller blocks can be controlled separately, but when placed next to each other, they form a standard building block.

Use the arrow keys strategically to solve the puzzles and guide the block to the square hole in each level. Good luck!



Use mouse

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