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EG Rolling 3D

EG Rolling 3D

In EG Rolling 3D, you can control the game using both your mouse and keyboard. Here are the instructions for playing the game:

Movement: Use the mouse to control the ball's movement. Move the mouse left or right to guide the ball in the desired direction. The ball will follow the movement of your mouse cursor.

Rotation: To rotate the game world and change the orientation of platforms and obstacles, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Press the left arrow key to rotate the world counterclockwise and the right arrow key to rotate it clockwise.

Collect Stars or Gems: As you navigate through the levels, try to collect as many stars or gems as possible. These will add to your score and can unlock new levels or achievements.

Complete the Level: The objective of each level is to safely guide the ball to the endpoint. Avoid falling off the platforms or hitting obstacles, as this will restart the level.

Solve Puzzles: Some levels may require you to use the world rotation strategically to solve puzzles and overcome challenging obstacles.

Compete with Friends: Check the leaderboards to see how your scores compare to your friends and other players. Try to achieve the highest score and become the top player in EG Rolling 3D.



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