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Game Poke is a puzzle game that challenges you to arrange shuffled puzzle pieces into a complete picture of a Pokémon. As you progress through each level, the difficulty will gradually increase, providing a more challenging puzzle-solving experience.

To play the game, you start by trying to find the edge pieces. These are the pieces located around the outer edge of the puzzle and have straight edges. Place these edge pieces down, right side up, to establish the frame of the puzzle. Next, look for the corner pieces, which have a 90-degree intersection of two parallel sides. These corner pieces help complete the frame. Continue searching for and placing the remaining edge pieces around the frame, ensuring that the edges fit together properly.

Once the frame is established, you can begin sorting the remaining jigsaw pieces by color, texture, and pattern. Group together pieces that have similar or identical images to make it easier to find their correct positions. With these grouped pieces, you can place them more precisely within the puzzle. If you encounter difficulty, try giving a piece a quarter turn to see if it fits better. Sometimes, an "unmatched" piece may fit perfectly with a slight rotation.

Controls for the game are simple. You use the mouse to interact with the puzzle pieces, dragging and dropping them into their appropriate positions to complete the Pokémon image.

Challenge yourself and enjoy the satisfaction of completing Pokémon puzzles in the Game Poke. Test your puzzle-solving skills as you progress through increasingly difficult levels and showcase your ability to arrange the pieces into a beautiful and complete picture.


Use mouse

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