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Riot Escape

Riot Escape is an action game that provides players with two distinct roles: escapees and cops. The gameplay revolves around the escapees' attempt to reach the end of the map without being stopped by the police, while cops aim to prevent the mob from escaping. Here's a breakdown of how to play and some additional information about the game:

How to Play Riot Escape:

Playing as an Escapee:

  • Objective: Your goal as an escapee is to navigate the game's environment and reach the finish line without getting caught by the police.
  • Movement: Use the WASD keys or arrow keys to move your character. You'll need to run, climb, and dodge various obstacles to outsmart the law enforcement officers.
  • Obstacle Avoidance: Avoid cops and other obstacles strategically placed in your path. Climbing buildings and sidestepping traps are key tactics to successfully evade capture.

Playing as a Cop:

  • Objective: If you choose to play as a cop, your mission is to stop the mob of escapees from reaching the end of the map. You'll need to use your bat to knock down the escapees and bring them to justice.
  • Action: As a cop, you must actively engage the escapees by swinging your bat to impede their progress. If too many escapees make it through, you'll have to restart the round.

Temporary Upgrades:

  • Choices: At the beginning of each round, players are presented with a choice between two temporary buffs or upgrades.
  • Variety: These upgrades can range from extra speed to acquiring special items like a quad bike, the ability to fly, or even becoming a giant character.
  • Strategic Use: These upgrades can significantly affect gameplay and may be used strategically to gain an advantage.

Additional Information:

  • Release Date: Riot Escape was released in February 2021 for iOS, followed by the Android version in March 2021. A web version (WebGL) became available in March 2022.
  • Developer: The game was developed by Yso Corp, a studio known for other popular games such as Wood Farmer and Hide N Seek.
  • Platforms: Riot Escape is accessible on various platforms, including web browsers, and Android, and iOS devices.
  • Controls: The game can be played using either the WASD keys or arrow keys for movement, making it accessible to a wide range of players.

Riot Escape offers an action-packed and competitive gaming experience with its dynamic roles of escapees and cops, temporary power-ups, and a variety of obstacles and challenges. Players can enjoy the thrill of either trying to escape or stopping the escapees, depending on their chosen role.



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