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Skivl Tycoon

Skivl Tycoon is an engaging and immersive farming game that transports players to an uncharted and uninhabited planet, where they embark on an exciting journey to build and expand their very own extraterrestrial farm. The primary objective of the game is to cultivate and grow a variety of crops to generate income and develop your interstellar farming enterprise. To achieve this, players can enlist the assistance of skilled farmers who aid in planting and harvesting crops efficiently.

However, the game also introduces a unique twist by incorporating a combat element. Players must recruit warriors to protect their crops from invasive plant parasites, adding an exciting layer of strategy and challenge to the farming experience. The income earned from successful harvests can be reinvested to expand the farm further, enabling the cultivation of more diverse and lucrative crops.

One of the game's standout features is the ability to use earned funds to enhance and upgrade the farm, making it more efficient and profitable. Additionally, players can employ skilled helpers to expedite the repair of their spaceship, crucial for venturing to other unexplored planets within the game's universe.

Skivl Tycoon offers a blend of resource management, strategy, and exploration, making it a captivating and dynamic gaming experience for players who seek to become master farmers and intergalactic pioneers.



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