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Slope 3

In Slope 3, your mission is to control a ball rolling on slopes and navigate it safely through obstacles. The goal is to roll as far as possible without crashing into walls or falling into space. The longer you run, the faster the ball rolls. Your score increases by 1 point for each successful jump you make. The game features an endless course with no levels or stages, and your objective is to achieve the highest score and climb the leaderboard.

Slope 3 is an updated version inspired by the original Slope game, featuring improved graphics, obstacles, and a leaderboard. While the gameplay may seem simple, mastering the game requires precise reflexes and fast hand speed due to the high speed of the ball. The neon 3D graphics and realistic physics contribute to the game's charm and immersive experience.

Key features of Slope 3 include eye-catching 3D neon graphics, rapidly changing slopes, a variety of challenging obstacles, and a leaderboard to showcase top players. The game can be played in full-screen mode and is available on web browsers.

To control the ball in Slope 3, you can use the arrow keys or A/D keys. The A/Left arrow moves the ball to the left, and the D/Right arrow moves it to the right.

As for frequently asked questions, Slope 3 is an endless game without a specific end or finish line. It can be played on a web browser, and the highest score achieved in 2021 is 455.

Enjoy playing Slope 3 and aim for a new high score on the leaderboard!



Use mouse

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